Monday, June 7, 2010

Shower adventures - I'm not sure why I'm getting hindi script in my title bar, but I was, so I'm leaving it blank.

So, we were recently staying in a hotel on a family trip and I had a VERY interesting experience I wanted to blog about.

We were getting ready for our day and so I jumped into the shower and was about half-way through, when I heard the fire alarm go off in the main room. What does one do in this situation? We were on the seventh, do I rush out the door with a towel around me and shampoo still in my hair, do I quickly finish up and then get out? Is it really even a fire?

Several years ago, we were staying in a hotel in Guatemala on the fifth was my birthday. Around 5:00 am, the fire alarm went off - we could hear all of the fire doors slamming shut, the lights were flashing, and alarm screaming throughout the entire building. We jumped out of bed, grabbed our passports, threw on some clothes and sped down the stairs. When we got there, we were the only guests that had even responded. The cook had burned something in the kitchen. That's how I started my 32nd birthday.

So - here I was with de javeaux. Was it just something the cook had burned? Should I really panic?

My husband called down to the front desk and asked if there was a fire because our alarm was sounding. They said it was just our room and that they'd send up maintenance right away.

Well, that got me out of the shower pretty quickly. I didn't really want to be running around trying to get dressed as they walked through our room trying to determine what was on fire.

I dashed out and quickly dressed. Finally, the alarm stopped. An individual from the maintenance department arrived with a ladder and a battery. Then he noticed my wet hair. "Did you just take a shower?" he asked. "Yes" I answered. "Did you leave the bathroom door open while you showered?" Once again, I answered in the affirmative.

"I think the steam from your shower set off the alarm - it is very sensitive."

With that he left. Everyone else showered with the bathroom door tightly closed.

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