Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Photos

You've got to LOVE those days when things don't quite go as you planned.
We planned a birthday party for our daughter at the local bowling alley. We got online and checked their hours and then sent out the invites. We didn't realize that their operating hours and summer season directly coincides with the school calendar.

As such, we arrived and realized that the bowling alley was closed and wouldn't be opening for another 40 minutes. Good thing there was a pizza place nearby. While we hadn't planned on it, we moved the party to the pizza place and fed everyone while we waited for the bowling place to open. Good thing these kids were so flexible - I felt like a dummy!


Here she is with her cake

And the Tinkerbell cake (she doesn't really LOVE tinkerbell, but when I went for the matching plates/tablecloth etc. combo - that was the best they had, so I carried out the theme)

Here is she is opening her gifts...she got a knitting loom thingy that she has already made a winter hat with...oh, the endless options!
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