Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spin the Teacher

While I'm on the subject of primary music ideas, today I repeated one that I've used before and the kids STILL like it.
We had a review day and so I grabbed a swirly chair (one that twirls all the way around) and hauled it into the primary room.

I wrote the names of 6 songs the kids have learned so far this year on different sheets of paper (one song per page) and placed them at regular intervals around the chair on the ground.

I then told the kids that whichever class sang the best, their teacher would get to choose the next song. I started by asking the kids to raise their hands if they had the best teacher. The Sunbeams (3-4 year olds) quickly all raised their hands, so their teacher became my first victim.
She sat in the twirly chair and one of the kids from her class came up and spun her chair around. She straightened her legs so that they became the pointer and when her chair FINALLY stopped, wherever her feet were pointing became the next song we sang.

The kids really love this because they love to see their teachers spin (I personally wouldn't be spinning, rather running for the bathroom). I love that the kids really get a kick out of this - sometimes I let them be the one spun, but it is a great review tool and requires VERY LITTLE prep time/work.

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