Thursday, May 6, 2010

Before and After

Yesterday I set out to clean my kitchen's tile grout. (No matter how you write that sentence, it sounds funny)
I took out the hydrochloric acid and went to work. Here's my before photo:

It took a couple of hours. By then the sun had changed position and it wasn't quite as light as it had been (I wish the difference was SO distinct), but here's my after photo. I can't tell you how relieved my grout is, and how nifty that hydrochloric acid is. Yep - I can cross that project off of my list for the next several years!

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The CLAMShack: said...

i was going to post about how cute your kids are. but i am almost as impressed with your grout!!! how many brain cells does hydrochloric acid kill? :) it sounds deadly!!good job tho. your grout looks stellar!!! i hope you reward yourself after a tedious and time consuming job!!! :)

Jules said...

Next time I start cleaning grout, I'll call you.

Julie B said...

Looks great. Grout is such a fun thing to clean where ever it may be. Ya done good!