Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I would like to announce that the garden is officially in!...despite the cooler than normal spring we've been having.

We started 2 more raised beds last Saturday but actually only finished one of them on Saturday. The last one wasn't finished until yesterday morning. Something about my very handy husband stripping bits like they were going out of style. I however, stripped no bits and finished it all up without him.

We had grandiose plans for planting and Family Home Evening on Monday, but alas, we had a blizzard instead. No gardening that day.

Tuesday morning I went to the lumber store for new bits and screws and finished up the boxes. Then I planted our peas, carrots, swiss chard, arugula, spinach, and beets in our smallest raised bed (yes Liz, the price of arugula has sky rocketed and we have to grow it ourselves now!)

In the evening, we put in the 18 tomato plants that had been hanging out inside the house for a while. They are now all cozily snugged up in their water walls growing happily. We also checked out our drip system.

Today, I threaded the water hoses throughout the beds, coming up from underneath and planted a couple more tomato plants. I also recycled all of the dead grass which we raked, aerated, and thatched from our lawn earlier this spring, placing it around all of the beds to help keep our weeds at bay. Finally, I repaired the drip lines in several places.

Really - if you have been calling us lately and haven't gotten hold of us, we aren't ignoring you. We've just been busy buying bits, and working outside trying to get everything set up on the automated system so that we can truly be lazy gardeners.

I'm thrilled that we are almost there! Tomorrow I get to spray lots of round up on all of the left over weeds. It seems wrong to be so excited about this, but there it is... and you probably shouldn't call for a few more days if you actually want to get hold of us. :)


Jules said...

I dug up some weeds and watched my husband turn over the soil. Does that count?

lizzie said...

i am still afraid of arugula...but it is fun to say!

your garden sounds fantastic!

miss you guys!