Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Creations

Our daughter decided she wanted her hair cut yesterday. "Short - like a boy's" were the directions. Since we've been here before, I didn't mind at all since it means less arguments about combing out her hair, and it is no longer in her eyes and in her face. She loves it which means I do too!


Our Saturday has been full of fun little, creating etc.
First off - the sour cream (my fancy tupperware) carton Drums...complete with the pink ribbon to hold it together.

The girls decided that they wanted to make these thingys. I have no idea what they are called, but they asked about it earlier in the week and we promised they could make them this weekend. They made all of the markings for the nails, and our eldest actually did all of the hammer work herself. I heard mention that she may want to become a carpenter once she grows up. Awesome!
Here's the youngests - I think hers has a star pattern superimposed over a house:

Our eldest's creation:
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Tisha said...

I love her hair! Seriously anything that helps with less arguing/whining/complaining when it comes to doing hair before school is a major PLUS.