Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Photos

Here are a few of our Christmas highlights:
Our Jerusalem supper almost completely fit into a lazy susan we bought a while back. Everything but the cheeses and crackers on one tray in the midddle of the table - it worked out SO well! This year was my favorite Jerusalem supper yet. I cheated and bought a rotisserie chicken. How can you pass up a $4.00 chicken that is already cooked and juicy and which needs no prep other than to put it into the serving dish? I couldn't. Everything else was so easy just to put into the dishes and we were ready to go. I loved it cause I wasn't busy bustling about and I was able just to enjoy the simplicity.

Here are our girls in their traditional Christmas Eve pajamas. Unfortunately our eldest got the wrong size, and hers will fit her for the next 3 years!

We took the kids shopping for each other this year. It was SO great to see how considerate they were in choosing each other's gifts. One got her sister a bunch of plastic horses which she LOVED!

The other bought her sister a bubblegum ball machine - every kid's dream come true right? AND this one was a key chain too!

We loved that they were so much more excited about watching each other open their gifts than worrying about what was under the tree for them. One of them remarked that because they used their own money for gifts, it meant so much more to them!
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Caterina B said...

Mmmmm MaryAnn! Is that a new sewing machine box by the tree? I hope so!
Happy New Year!

Mare said...

Caterina - I wish it was, but no, that's a 10 year old box that we've been using to store Christmas decorations in. This year it was pressed into service as the girls received material and batting to finish a quilt top I am working on for each of them, and I needed a larger box...then I ran out of wrapping paper. :)