Monday, November 9, 2009

Update on our lives

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks - they just seem to fly by lately.
First off - a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I got the chance to attend a concert of one of my favorite artists - Vienna Teng. She's a classical pianist and she's amazing. While trained as a classical pianist, her music is somewhere more along the lines of Norah Jones (but not so jazzy) and Tori Amos. She's a fantastic musician and the concert was truly a treat. We were able to meet her afterwards as well. We hadn't been on a date for ages, and this was definitely a great one!

This last week I ended up playing for a funeral, taught lessons, went on a field trip, went to the dr. office and ran errands and worked on getting some filing done. My husband recommended that we go paperless with all of our bills. Quite a daunting task, but I'm really falling in love with the idea. I just don't know why I thought I needed to save all of my trash/sewer bills from the past decade. What a revelation! So, I've been shredding and shredding old bills and statements and trying to tackle my bill hoarding problem. :)

While my husband hurt his hand a while back, and we recently got over the H1N1, he started running again this last week. Unfortunately, on Thursday while running, a bulldog came after him and as he turned to assess the situation, he sprained his ankle. I say - never a dull moment.

This weekend was one of the first free weekends we've had in such a long long time.
Since the weather was still nice, we decided to travel to the temple. While we usually attend a closer temple, we decided to travel a little farther.
My parents met us there and played with the kids while we enjoyed some time together in the temple. It's been a VERY long time since we've been able to go in at the same time. What a blessing it was to enter into the Lord's house and enjoy the sweet spirit of peace there and reflect on the covenants which I have made with God. After a great lunch/supper and goodbyes, we headed back home. While we enjoyed our book on tape, we decided to try a shortcut. Unfortunately, the shortcut, really wasn't a shortcut and at one point, the road completely disappeared. It just simply wasn't there. We ended up on a really old unused dirt road (right after dusk) and while our gps told us to turn again in 3.5 miles, we finally decided to hightail it out of there and head back the way we'd come. It added an extra hour onto our trip, but we enjoyed spending the day together, and were relieved to make it home in one piece. If we had hunted we could have just loaded up the car - there were SO many wild animals on the roads!
We spent yesterday in church and then spending time with some friends whom we haven't seen for a very long time. I ended up with the giggles and couldn't stop laughing for half of the evening. We collapsed once we finally got home.

Now... onto a new week filled with new adventures!


Amy said...

Your hubby isn't having much luck running around your town, is he? I hope his ankle feels better soon. Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time. And I have learned a GPS cannot always be trusted.

Tisha said...

Yes, paperless bills are the only way to go. I am so Jealous you guys got to attend a session TOGETHER at the Temple.