Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I spoke too soon

So the stars aligned for a moment, and then scattered back into chaos.
Our oldest child was difficult on Sunday morning - not wanting to get ready for church. I pushed and pled and prodded, and then thought maybe I should shelve my agenda and start really listening. She didn't feel well. Since her actions were fairly singular, I decided to go with my gut and stay home with her (even though it was our primary program practice and I'm in charge of the singing). As the day went on, she got more and more sick. I was glad we'd stayed home. I identified it as H1N1 which has recently surged in the community. Our youngest seemed to feel well, so we sent her to school, but yesterday by the end of the day we just weren't so sure about her either. I took them to the Dr. office (so they could confirm what I already knew), and come to find out - all three of us have it! My husband came home with a terrible cough which had developed throughout the day, along with a headache, and he too has swine flu.

If you've wanted to get hold of us, and haven't been able to for a while, now would be an excellent time. We plan to make some road trips, maybe do some hikes (if we are up to it). Possibly finish up some painting and organization projects. We aren't all stuck in bed and feel mostly well as long as we've got some fever / pain reducer coursing through our veins.

On the good side, at least it is all at the same time, we can hang out and have fun together, and we've definitely felt much worse. Finally, we won't have to worry about getting it later since we are getting it out of the way now.

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Tisha said...

Hope you all start feeling better soon!