Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Improvement time

I'm not sure what has exactly gotten into us. Maybe with that swine flu, we just had too much time on our hands to think about things, and stare at the walls.

Last week, my husband just decided to cut out a strip of drywall down our unfinished basement steps. We've since seen a snowball effect.

After he cut between the two studs, (opening access to the other side of our basement), we decided to re-arrange our bedroom, and move our bookshelves downstairs. We had moved the girl's bookshelves downstairs a couple of months previously as well.

Well - it didn't stop there. Our neighbor came by and gave us his expert opinion (that the wall wasn't going to fall down with further cutting) and my husband got busy.

Here he is sizing up his ideas:

Here's the second section he took out of the wall, along with part of the handrail:

So, while we were getting used to the novelty of having a small library downstairs, and having easier access, I got ambitious. On Friday I decided that I wanted to learn how to texture my wall, and so I did. It was actually quite fun and I learned a ton. As soon as it dried, I pulled out some paint (copper colored) and painted it up.
The girls thought it seemed to lead to a cozy inviting area. I'm just happy that it has some texture instead of being plain dirty wallboard, and a little personality as well.
Top looking down:

Down looking up:

While we thought we were done for a breath or two, I decided to move most of our main floor library downstairs as well. And we now have a nice cozy little reading area. It is just amazing how the removal of such a small piece of wallboard could snowbal this drastically, but I love it!
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Tisha said...

How fun! I wish I had some motivation for some projects like that!

Jules said...

Cool beans! I love the snowball effect. BTW - sorry to hear about the H1N1 that hit your house. We are still trying to avoid it, although I think Andrew might have had it two weeks ago, but I didn't have that confirmed.