Saturday, August 29, 2009

Squirrel - schmirrel

We are teaching our kids to be independent learners. As such, we had a small family debate regarding the small rodent running through my house's name.

After spending some time with google images (love that feature) and reading several informative articles, together, we determined that our friendly little guy had stripes on the face and that they ended at the tail. Also, there were only five of them and not thirteen. As such, we regret to inform our readers that our rodent is actually a 'chipmunk' and not a squirrel. They do however belong to the same family and are very similar.

Here he is again, so that you can also check out those features

We apologize for any inconvenience our erroneous reporting may have caused for our readers.

Squirrel - schmirrel.


Jules said...

does he sing? if he doesn't sing, it can't be a chipmunk, cause chipmunks sing.

Anonymous said...

he looks so lizardlike from that angle.

lizzie said...

i just thought i would let you know i am patiently waiting for pictures of the new paint job...