Monday, July 20, 2009


The parade always starts out with a helicopter flyby which is always fun. The breeze is also generally appreciated.

One of my favorite entries in the parade is the garage band which plays on big tubs and trash can lids etc. They do a great job on their formations and are quite fun to watch.

My favorite part of the parade is always the end. They always open up the fire truck and hose everyone down. I stayed to guard the rose bush this year, but my family definitely took advantage and cooled off.


I ended up spraining my ankle as we walked back to the car after the parade. I've definitely been reminded of my mortality and it hasn't been fun. Luckily, Camille has been able to doctor me up and we've really appreciated her knowledge and expertise. We've decided that we'll be taking it just a bit more slowly this week and keeping it easy as I heal over the next two.
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Jules said...

Oh fun fun fun! Summer is sooo great. I love all of the activities there are to do. I am thinking about taking the kids to the 24th of July parade but am feeling too cowardice to make it happen.