Monday, July 13, 2009

In the last couple of years, we've tried to begin having a siblings reunion - at least once a year so we can all see each other and our kids can get to know their cousins. While we've done it several times with my husband's family, we've been a little slower getting it to work with my siblings (possibly because I have double the number of siblings and we are all spread out?)

Well, we spent two days this last week with my siblings and their families (missing only 7 people). While we really missed those who weren't able to make it, we definitely enjoyed getting to spend some time with my brother who recently returned from his mission, and my brother-in-law who recently returned from serving in the military in Afghanistan. Most of us didn't really know him, so it was great to spend some time together.

While our camera was somehow out of commission, my sister promised to send me a file of pictures. In the interim, I stole this picture from her blog... :)

We had a pretty fun photo scavenger hunt activity (which I used to do on dates back in the day). We divided up into teams, and went around town trying to find what was asked for. It was a blast. We spent some time in the mountains with a river and a fire (what more could one want?) We even saw a bat that was sleeping near the eating area - yum. We spent the next day at a local dam and I surprised myself. I don't think I like swimming, but it seems that once I'm in the water, I just can't get back out. Of course, my shoulders are completely burned and still hurt, but I did better than I have in the past. After we all got cleaned up, we all headed out to dinner. We ended with the traditional talent show, and then convinced my brothers-in-law to play settlers with us. Unfortunately, the game would never end. Finally around 1:00 we called it a truce and were able to head to bed.

I just hit my wall however, and am going to have to finish the play by play another time as I'm going to bed.

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