Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh what do you do while your parents race?





Since our friends didn't have anyone to watch their kids during the race, they hung out with us. We started out at McDonald's because we needed breakfast. The only McD's was in the local Walmart. As such, we had a blast. We got breakfast and then we had a hula hoop contest, some kids rode bikes, we had pin-wheel spinning contests, had a battle of the light-savers (yes a sword fight), and then went in search of a bed. We ended up finding a semi-empty display table and the kids took a 3 second rest. Then on to more fun. We ended our great time there with a sun glasses modeling show. That's what you get when you ask me to watch your kids. Oh.. and I told the kids they could all buy something. They all walked out of there with mini/travel sewing kits...even the boys. :) (And they were thrilled!)
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Tisha said...

WOW! Who knew Wal-mart could be so much fun!

Amy said...

Do you want to watch my kid? It looks like everyone had a blast!

Brandi Johns said...

You are so nice. That looks like so much fun. Thanks again for everything.