Sunday, June 21, 2009


Our HOA forced us to do some landscaping due to some negative drainage on our lot (so they say).
Here's the swell we put in. We cut back and pulled back all of the grass and then dug it out, connecting it to the front yard.

Here's our front yard. Yesterday we pulled out all of our rose bushes and some other plants and replaced them with some that we are really excited about. Our neighbor was getting rid of some rocks, so we added them in. We only broke the wagon and the dolly ferrying them over. My husband's artistic side came out as he placed the rocks to his liking.

Here are the plants we replaced the roses with. They should flower all summer, and are both white and pink. They are also (supposedly) deer resistant - we'll see.

Here's our back area around the sand box. We planted all of the surrounding plants (except the rhubarb). We will cover the remaining dirt with weed mat and mulch.
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Here's the rest of our back area. Until now, it has been our kid's mud and dirt area. Well, we will be putting in a swath of flowers right above the rocks, and then mulching the rest of the back area around the trees and shrubs. Finally, it may look presentable.

Here's the rock path I was working on right at the gate. We removed the gate part of our fence and will be putting in an arbor and planting clematis all over it.

Here's my smashed finger that took me out of commission as I was working on the rock path. While the path looks a little muddy, we will be re-tackling it soon.


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