Thursday, February 12, 2009


It is true - I've totally neglected blogging for a while - due to some other diversions which came up. After finishing my cell phone contract a year ago, I had been thinking about getting a new phone. I did lots of research and finally decided on an LG Incite. While this is a pretty cool phone, I found recognized something important about my self. Mainly, I'm a simple girl who doesn't have the time or energy for lots of distractions. There were some amazing aspects about the phone, but when it came down to it, there were so many bells and whistles to sort through, I could never find the application I wanted without taking a year. I just wanted simplicity, and I learned I really hated the touch screen and the time it sucked from my life.

As such, this morning I sent it back my bells and whistles phone and received my simple phone yesterday. My new phone is an adventure.

While it is a simple flip phone, it has some pretty cool features which include meeting U.S. Military Specifications 810F for: shock, vibration, solar radiation, high temperature storage, altitude, high and low temperature operation, and blowing dust. I'm pretty relieved that my phone will make it through solar radiation! Cheek aside, I'm excited to have a new phone that will do what I need it to without much fuss, and I'm happy to have my life back.

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