Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We're back! We spent our holiday weekend hospital jumping, getting lost, and following lost drivers - sounds like fun huh? No, it's not an extreme new sport, (could be) but we had a great time and are glad to be back.
My sister was blessed with a beautiful baby on Friday - congratulations to her and her husband (who is in Afghanistan). He is a very good baby, beautiful, and he really loves his aunt (me).

We got to stay at a hotel and spend time with grandma and grandpa and our little cousin Lilly. Some of our trip highlights were the hotel pool, the Manitou (tourist trap) Cliff Dwellings, finally finding the church, bedtop balloon and legs only volleyball, the pool (again), Garden of the Gods, Costco, and fingerpainting.


The fire was also especially fun, but I'll treat that in another posting.
After initially going to the wrong hospital, then spending time with my sister at her hospital, we visited another hospital which my husband needed to see for work. We then traveled to Denver where we visited another friend who we tried to visit at the hospital here in town on our way out on Friday, but he had been shipped to Denver 30 minutes before we'd arrived. It was good to see him - he's my cribbage partner and I'm bummed he'll be in Denver for a while -I was really looking forward to spending time this summer playing games with him. Get well soon J!

After so many hospitals and so much driving, ahhhh...........we are happy to be healthy, and Dorthy was right - there is no place like home!

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