Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Here's our FHE from last night. The girls asked if they could do the lesson. They did the ENTIRE thing all by themselves. Honestly, it's the best FHE we've had in a long while. Even our adopted Monday night FHE friend Frank commented so (thanks Frank) :)

So - we all had to choose something that Nephi did and share it with each other. Then, we were given a paper and told we had to create the thing which we chose. My husband got to do killing Laban to obtain the brass plates. Frank did the broken bow, I did created a temple and buildings, one daughter built the boat, and the other made the kite. I'm not 100% sure that her choice has doctrinal basis, but they had to have fun sometime right?

After that, we had to look up the references to our story, write down the verses which pertained to these particular stories, and then we all shared them.

What a great FHE - I think these girls are hired. We definitely had a great time and I'm sure we'll all remember!
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Grondahl Family said...

That is so cute! You have some super smart and innovative girls. I think they get it all from their aunt :) I think I will have to steal their idea for FHE sometime.

Tisha said...

Good for them! Sounds like such a fun lesson/ activity.

lizzie said...

how fun!