Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Officially finished

So - I know that I walked in the Graduation commencement ceremonies last year. I still had three classes I was finishing during the summer and would have been done. So somehow, they threw the - oh - you are still missing one class ringer at me. I started seminary in the fall, and kept falling asleep on my scriptures every night - thus dragging the entire process way too far out.

I am proud to say that yesterday I took my very last final and should (really officially) be completely done (as long as I passed the final). In a few short weeks (once the exam is graded) I will have all of my credits transfered, and I should receive my diploma. So - it was only 17 years in the making - but I think I'm REALLY done this time. I've been so excited that I can read any book I want now without feeling guilty about needing to study! Woohoo..
We celebrated last night with carne asada and a very long drawn out killer bunnies game.

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