Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21, 2008

Welcome SPRING!!!
I believe it is offically spring - therefore we celebrated in grand fashion - with snow!
I'm too tired of ranting about the weather.
Suffice it to say, spring will hopefully appear by June.

I didn't mention that it has been warmer.
As a result, I had 5 inches of water flooding on the side of the house (only outside at this point) due to the neighbor's poor run-off plan (so what if its an empty lot and they don't have a plan?)
It totally eroded part of our rock retaining wall while a river ran through it.
I have 2-3 inches of mud and silt on my lawn now.

So - I spent Wednesday afternoon digging a trench.
Yes - in the NEIGHBOR'S lot - so that THEIR water can not drain into my yard.
But at least the water goes along the property line now, and not into my basement.

I also cleaned out all of my cupboards on Wednesday. It was quite the productive day.

So - onto the politics.
Yesterday I went to my first town forum.
For those of you who haven't been - it was actually pretty fun. They gave out cookies and bottled water, AND, I get to be on TV!! They televised it last night, and will re-run it on channel 20. Too bad we don't have tv.

It was pretty fascinating. There are a bunch of people running for
office and they got to answer questions on all of the super hot issues.
I even submitted a question, and mine was the first audience questions which they asked the candidates. Too bad the moderators (who have an agenda in regards to my question) edited my question so as to elicit the response they wanted.

(A newspaper reporter sponsored the forum. Her husband is adamantly opposed to the proposal I sent to the Town Board to close the BLM area right near my house to motorized vehicular traffic) so she changed my question before she asked it.

I was surprised to note that the politician who I REALLY didn't like is who I'll be voting for. It was amazing how my mind changed once I took the time to attend, and really listen to the different positions and views these people have on running our town. Everyone has an agenda - it was interesting to see what the different agendas actually are.

Imagine - all of this from the anti-political girl.
There's another meeting next week. I think I'm getting a babysitter.


Grondahl Family said...

Hey, congrats on getting so much done on Wednesday. That is awesome! Also, who knew politics could be interesting? I am still trying to find the interest in it, but it is no problem for all my inlaws. Oh well. Good luck getting all the silt and such off your lawn.

Colby family said...

i really like how you put weather & politics together! i really think you should run another contest, so i can win! i love to win! remember, we used to play kick the can on the way home from school. and the person who fell on top of her cello WASN'T the winner. i never fell on top of my cello...therefore....I was the winner!