Thursday, March 13, 2008

Get your garden going!

Here's our first sign of life from our pumpkin plants on March 11th.

2 days later, we now have 13 pumpkin plants -

We love tomatoes - this year we have 3 varieties - Beefsteak, 4th of July (hybrid early) and cherry they are 2 days ago - our first sprouts!

Finally, here are our tomato sprouts as of today - 2 days later...we have 54 little tomato plants growing in our front room.

I really love to garden, and each spring I get so excited as
we start to think about what we want to do in our garden.
Last year we got ALOT of tomatoes. This is great though, because
we use them like crazy all year round, and really love them.
Our pumpkins didn't do so very well last year, so we are trying
again. We decided to only start these right now and next month we'll
start some peppers and some other things.
I just decided what I want for my birthday - a rototiller. Every year
we get our garden in generally on my birthday, using water walls.
Finally, a month and a half later, in June we take some of the water
walls back off. I say, hand turning your soil isn't fun...
Anyways, that's my weekly excitement.

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Jules said...

I'm so glad someone is getting started on the garden. Way to go! Tell me? How does your garden grow?
Julie M.