Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our busy Week December 10-16, 2007

Hi all - well, this week has been one of those doozies - and you look back and think - what could I blog about this week, but because of the blur have no idea. Monday and Tuesday saw snow, and the roads were so bad on Tuesday that we canceled seminary the next day (on Tuesday one of my students had an accident on the way to class due to icy roads.)
I know we made a bunch of caramels to give to people for Christmas - that's a start. On Wednesday, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been that long!!!
We decided to go to our favorite Indian restaurant (which I'd been craving for weeks). When we got there, we saw that it was a new restaurant, and we were totally bummed. We then discussed riding the chair lift up to the top of the mountain for dinner, but realized that my coat wasn't in the back of the car (where I thought it was). We settled for going into the village and eating at my favorite (although costly) restaurant. It was pretty amazing. I ordered the Turbot (that's a fish) - it was in a coconut milk also had watermelon radishes (they were amazing), and fresh palm hearts dipped in tempura. It sort of had a tropical taste but was great. My husband had the Kobe beef and ribs - his was pretty tasty too. For dessert we thought we'd try the prickly pear lime sorbet. It was not so tasty, so they brought us a pear parfait instead - with 'pistachio dust'. It was actually pretty amazing. Definitely a night to remember.
On Thursday I had a gig with my trio at the local library. They roped us off, and we played Christmas music while the kids stood in line waiting on the red carpet to see Santa. I'm attaching a few pics. They had story time for the kids, then crafts, refreshments, and Santa for the kids. Apparently, our music was very soothing and provided the 'ambiance' they wanted so it all turned out good.
Friday I worked on my quilt block, and then went to help out in the school with the Christmas party. We swapped some baby sitting on Friday and cleaned on Saturday.
I think that pretty much wraps it up.

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