Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time for that weekly blog

So - for those of you who are interested in my life on a daily basis (yes, I know EVERYONE is) you may want to check out my other blog (and if I've already promoted it - apparently I'm pretty proud of it or excited or something). It's my Seminary blog page, where I share what we've done in class each day so that the parents and students, and any nosy person that might want to know what we actually do at 6:00 am at church can follow with our daily chronicles. Actually -... well, at this point I went to bed so I don't know what I was going to say.
I started a pre-school this week with 2 other moms - that is sucking a little life, and yesterday I spent the day at the zoo with a bunch of kids- that was pretty fun, but exhausting. We picked all of our tomatoes this past weekend, and have about 90 lbs of them. I'll be canning them both today and tomorrow, and hopefully be finished for the season. We picked all of our grapes (which experts predicted could not possibly survive the winters and climate) on Monday. We got 11 quarts of grape juice - we can't wait to try them!

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