Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Frost is in the air

Yesterday we got the FREEZE warning, and I'm told that it snowed in the mountains yesterday as well... yuck. Anyways, we harvested much of our garden for Family Home Evening. We did have a mammoth carrot - a la grandpa (I took one of his to kindergarten for show and tell it was so cool). The girls also had their own personal garden in which they planted carrots, and some squashes. The girls won the house award of the best flower garden - theirs was truly amazing and totally beautiful! Our corn (which was just for fun and experimental) came up and we got a few small ears which we are excited to eat. We are still canning tomatoes - we have one box almost ready to go, and two more which are still ripening up! Here are some fun pictures of the garden - the really tall tree like things would be the tomatoes!

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Tisha said...

Your yard look fantastic. I am glad you got a good harvest this year!